The APIX PROPOLIS Balsamic syrup is formulated with Ivy, which thins bronchial secretions, Plantain, which has a softening and soothing effect on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, Zinc contributing to the body's natural defences, and finally, with essential oils of Eucalyptus and Mountain Pine with balsamic properties that gives quick relief to the respiratory system.

When to use it- To facilitate the physiological elimination of mucus in the upper airways and provide relief from dry and spasmodic coughs.

*For adults we recommend one 10 ml dose, 3 times a day. For children, the dose should be reduced to 5 ml, twice a day. The product can be taken neat or diluted in another liquid (water, tea, infusion). The fruits of the forest flavour makes it palatable.

It contains- Extracts of ivy leaves, propolis resin, grapefruit seeds and plantain (Sedox), zinc, essential oils of eucalyptus and mountain pine.

**No gluten, colourants or alcohol.

Pack- 150 ml (190 g)


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