When processing the barley grain to crunchy flakes, we use a very friendly technology, when the whole barley grain is firstly soaked, boiled, dried, matured, then pressed and at last gently roasted. With this technology there is no loss of grain outer layer (cereal germ and bran) and Barley Minis are good source of fiber (3g per serving) and β-Glucans (1.5g per serving) without fortification.
To increase health benefits of Barley Minis we reduced the fat content to 2 grams per serving (Barley grain itself has 0.5g of fat per serving) and sugars to 4 grams per serving.
Barley Minis can use Health claims approved by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and U.S. FDA.

The Key Benefits of Barley Minis are:

  • High content of Barley - Barley Minis contain more than 50% of whole grain barley.
  • Quality of Barley - Barley Minis contain barley flakes processed from barley grain grown and harvested at our own fields.
  • It's truly Whole Grain product – 1 serving (40g) or Barley Minis contain more than 20 grams of whole grain barley.
  • Good source of Fiber - Barley Minis are containing 3 grams of fiber (12% of U.S./EU recommended Daily Value) per serving.
  • Source of soluble Fiber (Beta-Glucans) - Barley Minis have more than 1.5 grams of Beta-Glucans per serving.
  • U.S. Health Claims - Barley Minis meet the U.S. FDA guidance for Health claims: Fiber-Containing Grain Products and Cancer (21 CFR 101.76), Grain Products that contain Fiber, particularly Soluble Fiber, and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease (21 CFR 101.77), Soluble Fiber from Certain Foods and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease (21 CFR 101.81), Whole Grain Foods and Risk of Heart Disease and Certain Cancers (Docket No. 1999P-2209), Dietary Fat and Cancer (21 CFR 101.73), Sodium and Hypertension (21 CFR 101.74), Dietary Sat Fat and Cholesterol, and risk of Coronary Heart Disease (21 CFR 101.75).
  • EU Health Claims - Barley Minis meet the EFSA guidance for Health claims: About Beta-glucans contribution to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels (Commission Regulation 432/2012 of 16/05/2012) and about Barley beta-glucans help to lower/reduce blood cholesterol. (Commission Regulation 1048/2012 of 08/11/2012).
  • Low in Fat and Saturated Fat - in Barley Minis we have limited its Fat content to 2g per serving and Saturated Fat to 1g per serving.
  • Low in Sodium - Barley Minis are without added salt. 1 serving has less than 1% of Daily Value for Sodium (40mg).
  • No artificial colorants and flavors - Barley Minis are free of artifical colorants and flavors.
  • A lot of Varieties - Barley Minis are now available in 3 flavors and one shape. We can add new flavor or change shape.
  • Uniqueness - Till now, we haven't found any product at the market, which is based on whole grain barley like Barley Minis. The technology used for Barley Minis is unique and is based on the specially processed crunchy whole grain barley flakes.
  • No Limits - We can replace part of the barley flakes by soya flakes, we can add linseeds or our sweet barley flakes without added sugar

*These products and these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.