General characterization
A new hair treatmen!, A hair strengthening IMPROVED cosmetic formula that puts together the best ingredients forcontrolling hair loss and fortifying skin and scalp.

- Alcohol- free
- No animal-derived components




An advanced formula a combination enriched with vegetal placenta protein from soy,vitamins & plant extracts to cosmetically help boost hair growth and preventing its fall. The active ingredients are:

Vegetal placenta Hydrolyzed Soy protein - Water-soluble protein naturally derived from soy via the enzymatichydrolysis process. When used in skin care products, it increases the ability of the skin to hold moisture and provides a smoothing effect for minimizing roughness and wrinkles. Applied topically, it is an excellent hydrator that improves the texture and resiliency of the skin. In hair care formulas, it coats porous and damaged areas to strengthen and mend hair fiber. This product has been shown to improve gloss and texture, increases moisture retention, and improves manageability and body.

Panthenol - also known as Provitamin B5, acts as a penetrating moisturizer. It imparts a non-irritant, non-sensitizing,moisturizing, and conditioning feel and promotes normal keratinization and wound healing.

Hydrolized Keratin is the true structural protein of hair, the principle component of hair (65-95% of its weight) rich in fundamental elements for its growth. This protein enables penetration of each individual hair shaft with essential amino acids and nutrients necessary for healthy-looking, shiny hair. Keratin protein actually encourages reconstruction at the molecular level.



Keratin is a major component of hair, nails and skin. Its rope-like structureis based on the alpha helix, cross-linked into bundles.

STINGING NETTLE EXTRACT (Urtica Dioica)–May have anti-inflammatory and tonic properties. used in alternative herbal treatments to treat ailments and problems, such as arthritis, rheumatism, prostate enlargement, eczema, dandruff as well as oily and greasy hair. It is especially good for hair and scalp complaints and sorts out a variety of minor scalp and hair problems. In hair care products it is used to reduce oiliness and greasiness of hair, and to treat dandruff.

Mallow Extract (Malva Sylvestris) Can be used as a thickening agent in cosmetics and may have anti-inflammatory properties for skin due to its content of mucilage, flavonoids, and anthocyanidins Also known as Blue Mallow Flower, this extract may have some anti-inflammatory properties for the scalp, as well as some potential antioxidant benefits.

Linden Herb or Lime flowers (Tilia Vulg.) Extract -Antispasmodic, diuretic, sudorific, analgesic, vasodilating, emollient, sedative. Externally used to clarify, soften, and cleanse the skin and the scalp. Traditionally employed as a tea to help ease tension and bring on sleep.

ALOE VERA Barbadensis extract- It is used as a herb in alternative herbal treatments to treat ailments and problems such as healing wounds, for skin rejuvenation, acting as a laxative and reducing skin irritation and relieving sun burn. It has good astringent qualities and is usually combined with other ingredients, to make an excellent, soothing treatments for the skin. It contains not only vitamin E and C as well as zinc but the polysaccharides also reduce inflammation and stimulate the fibroblast and epidermal growth and repair process.

Use: Use after shampooing or on clean hair. Apply the content of one ampoule over entire scalp and massage gently to penetrate. Leave in without rinsing off. Proceed to dry and style as usual. For best results use 1 to 3 vials a week according to individual needs.
For external use.

Packaging type:
Case containing 1 dozen (12) single-dose ampoules

The hair shaft seen with the light microscope: light is reflected from the colorless cuticle and bent as it passes through the hair -this effect gives hair the color we see

The main constituent of hair is the protein keratin. Keratin is a remarkable protein which is resistant to wear and tear. It is theprotein that makes up feathers, claws, nails and hoofs, as well as hair. Like other proteins, keratin has very large moleculesmade up of smaller units called amino acids, joined together in chains like beads on a string. Hair also contains fats, pigment (melanin), small amounts of vitamins, and traces of zinc and other metals. Hair also contains water which, although it makes up only 10-13% of the hair, is extremely important for its physical and chemical properties.


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