Bio Vera Anti-aging Hand Cream

Bio Vera Anti-aging Hand Cream

A unique anti-aging mixture: natural plant Extracts, Sweet Almond & Sunflower Oils of certified organic-origin and other essential ingredients, such as Vitamin E with its well-known anti-oxidant properties. All of the ingredients have been formulated to work synergistically to create the perfect rich, silky and replenishing blend for hands and nails. Ideal for re-hydrating skin and cuticles leaving your hands feeling soft, smooth and protected.

Eco-bio approved, hypoallergenic fragrance. Dermatologist’s tested.

Use: Apply frequently a small amount and massage well into the hands and cuticles, to form an invisible protective layer that helps nourish and protect your skin with a silky, non-greasy feeling. Age: use from 3 years onwards.

External use.


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