Bio Vera Mild Exfiolating Bio Scrub 150ml

Delicate for all skin types. Face & Body: mechanical exfoliation method involves physically scrubbing the dead skin and impurities off your skin. This mild smoothing formula gently yet thoroughly cleanses, purifies, hydrates the skin.This scrub will leave your skin soft, smooth and fresh; also helps your moisturizer and skin care treatments penetrate better. Precious components to create a gentle but effective exfoliation that won’t irritate skin: organic orange & spelt waters; finely ground organic scrubbing particles (Bioscrub) from Açai Fruit, natural and sustainably harvested and organic Burdock extract & Macadamia & Avocado oils; Vitamin E & B5; Italian organic essential oils. Weekly regular exfoliation and daily hydration can help give your skin a healthy, more youthful glow. Use: Directions for use: Apply a fair amount of scrub to cleaned dampened face/body. Gently massage over skin with circular motions avoiding eye area and rinse thoroughly with water. Pat dry and apply moisturizer. External use.

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