Bio Vera Multipurpose Detergente for Hair, Body & Hands

Shower Shampoo Soap in tune with the environment. For daily use and for a reduced environmental impact and to be kinder to the environment and to your family budget. This new delicate organic formulation has been created to be used both as a detergent & shower bath for skin and as a shampoo or as daily use soap, for a healthy effect on skin. Daily use - Massage gently over wet skin, avoiding eye area. Use lukewarm water. Rinse. (1) as a bath for skin: pour some quantity into running water and allow to disperse evenly (2) as a shampoo/shower apply a small amount of the liquid to wet sponge or directly on wet skin and hair, massage and rinse well. or (3) as daily use soap: lather well with warm water to cleanse hands/face, wash thoroughly afterwards. External use only.

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