Bio vera oil wash anti lice for hair & scalp

Bio vera oil wash anti lice for hair & scalp

Cleansing Oil rinse-off formula helping against lice.
Specifically created for the cosmetic treatment of hair and scalp lices. Emollient nourishing formula with high restructuring repairing efficacy. Without preservatives: a self-preservant compound with no colourings.

The disinfectant and sebo-regulating properties of this formula are very useful for treating infestations by head lice.


Apply on dry hair and scalp. Massage delicately hair & scalp from roots to tips. Eventually also a special metal lice-comb (lice combs have specially tooled metal teeth to remove nits): Insert the comb as close to the scalp as possible, and pull it through hair slowly, removing all the nits you can see. Possibly wrap a towel around your head or even without wrapping, stay for 10-15 minutes – or as long as you can - overnight possibly. Rinse hair thoroughly with water as warm as is safe and tolerable. Week 1: apply and wash every day. Week 2: apply and wash any other day. In case of contact with eyes rinse thoroughly with water. External Use.


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