Bio Vera Prevent Cream - Hydrating Skin Care Age 20-30

20-30 PREVENT Focused on treating young, mixed, still acne-prone or oily skin, on preventing first expression lines. It hydrates your skin and help prevent signs of aging. This new eco-bio skin care regimen can help you keep a natural, glowing, youthful appearance longer. •PREVENT: Precious organic-origin oils of jojoba and rice bran (soothing&antioxidant), borage(purifying) nourish and give your skin more firmness. •HYDRATE: Natural organic phytocomplex made of aloe, honey, olive, almond, linseed and lime extracts is soothing and moisturizing on skin. •PROTECT: Vitamin E is a well-known antioxidant and one of body’s prime defenders against oxidation. It protects the lipids and other vulnerable components of the body cells and their membranes. •RELAX&COMFORT: Rich in Omega-3, pro-endorphine complex EuphorylTM , is said to strengthen the skin’s cell activity in the same positive way as natural happiness does, leading to a sense of well-being. a true anti-depressant. Stimulates the production of dopamine, the molecule of happiness. Enhances skin complexion (clinical test). On the skin Omega-3 fatty acids play a role in counteracting skin hypersensitivity and dryness; in addition have antioxidant properties. Organic-certified Phytocomfort – eudermic product suitable for sensitive skin. Use: on cleansed skin, apply daily (morning and evening, preferably) and massage in gently in circular motion until it is fully absorbed. External Use only.

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