How it works

The oils and herbal extracts contained in Biokap play an integrated role (emollient, moisturizing, cleansing, purifying) for the wellbeing of your hair and scalp. Biokap Frequent Use Shampoo ensures gentle daily cleansing and leaves hair soft and shiny. The delicate fragrance of almond leaves hair silky and pleasantly scented.

When to use it

Particularly suitable for frequent use on dry and brittle hair

How to use it

Apply to wet hair, massage for a few seconds and rinse.

What it contains

Sweet almond oil, coconut oil, altea* extract (emollient); passion flower extract, grape and pineapple (moisturizing); yucca saponins (cleansing); Icelandic lichen extract, rosemary* essential oil, Melaleuca alternifolia* essential oil (purifying).


PEG free - Silicone free; (*) organic.


200 ml


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