Due to its unique composition Reghaar Hair Activator reduces hair loss, enhances healthy growth and decreases dandruff production. Reghaar Hair Activator is prepared under a special recipe. This ensures high effectiveness by the contents of vitamins E, B5, biotin, the extract of nettle, burdock and octopirox. All contained substances nourish hair skin and supply hair with healthy look and natural shine.

Reghaar Hair Activator:  prepared with natural extracts of nettle and burdock, containing vitamin E, B5, biotin and elastine - substances that prevent hair from falling out and improve its appearance. The addition of octopirox prevents dandruff. The hair activator composition enables proper blood distribution in the hair skin, thus improving transport of sustenance to the hair follicle, which is also supported by hair skin massage during its application.

Instructions for use:
Put on dry or damp hair twice a day (best in the morning and evening) and spread, then rub into the skin and let it work. Do not wash it down; Use regularly. Reghaar Hair Activator is most effective when using Reghaar shampoo and vitamin tablets of Reghaar hair stimulator at the same time.


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