Reghaar Hair Stimulator - tablets contain necessary vitamins (such as the B vitamins), minerals (zinc, manganese, copper, iron), trace elements (iodine) and proteins, which prevent hair from falling out, crumbling, losing color, and make sure it is shiny and easy to comb. In addition to this, the content of choline and inositol reduces dandruff formation.

Reghhar hair stimulator contains vitamins and minerals necessary for hair growth and support. PABA and iodine help maintain hair, nails and skin in optimum condition. Saccharomyces cerevisiae helps to support the hair's vitality, improve the structure and appearance of hair and nails. Vitamin B5 supports healthy hair growth from within as well as metabolism of the hair roots.

* helps maintain hair, nails and skin in optimum condition
* helps to ensure proper supplying of scalp with blood and thereby proper nutrition for hair bulbs
* favorably influences the hair structure
* helps to regulate creation of hair wax and dandruff
* maintains and intensifies natural hair color

Dosing: 1 tablet daily.


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