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In registering for and using the password protected wholesale area, Clotho Corp. collects various contact and identifying data from you. Contact information such as name, company name, address, telephone number, fax number, email is used for authentication purposes. We may also use this information to contact you regarding promotions, product updates, tradeshows and events. Identification information such as resale number or federal tax ID number is used to properly authenticate prospective users. Clotho Corp. will never willfully disclose this information to a third party or use it for any other purpose except as may be required in connection with an audit or pursuant to a legal proceeding such as a subpoena. When you become a registered user of this website you agree to the use of your information as described herein. However, you do have options regarding any communication directed to you as a result of registering with Clotho Corp. You may notify us at any time to opt-out of receiving any communication from us. To do so please and simply type in the subject line: UNSUBSCRIBE
Clotho Corp. reserves the right to change its privacy policy at any time.