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Men and women are increasingly concentrated with thinning hair, hair weakening and loss,sensitive scalp: this new treatment shampoo is recommended for these specific hair needs.A rich hydrating gentle formula that contains pure natural Royal Jelly, VEGETAL placental Protein & Plant extracts. Thanks to a special blend of precious mild cleaners and acombination of plant derived extracts such as Aloe Vera, Marigold, Mallow and Lime as wellas D-Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5) and hydrolyzed SILK, Royal Placenta Hair Shampoo cleanses deeply and safely, soothing your hair and scalp, leaving it soft, radiant and healthier longer.

An advanced formula, enriched with silk, royal jelly, vegetal placenta, Panthenol in combination with first qualityextractsto cosmetically help boost hair growth and preventing its fall. The active ingredients are:

Vegetal placenta Hydrolyzed Soy protein
Water-soluble protein naturally derived from soy via the enzymatic hydrolysis process. Applied topically, it is an excellent hydrator that improves the texture and resiliency of the skin. In hair care formulas, it coats porous and damaged areas to strengthen and mend hairfiber.In fact, Vegetal placenta protects, strengthens and repairs the hair. In addition to the formation of an effective protective film on the hair surface, it penetrates as far as the outer cortex, deep into the hair and strengthens it. Vegetal Placenta was found to have brought about a significant increase of more than 40% in bending strength. This may be due to an increase in either the flexural strength of the individual hair fibers or the cohesion between the fibers. Both of these effects would improve hair manageability and styling. In addition, the increase in bending stability contributes to an increase in hair volume and body.

Royal Jelly
A powerful nutrient high in amino acids, minerals and vitamins A, B, C and E. Very soothing and moisturizing to the skin and hair. Royal Jelly cannot be imitated by science or its beneficial properties accurately understood but there is overwhelming evidence that it improves health. Some of the health improvements normally experienced when taking Royal Jelly are increased vitality and energy, stronger nails and hair and a more radiant complexion. Other commonly claimed benefits are stress relief, better digestion, improved liver function, alleviation of insomnia & fatigue.

Panthenol or Panthotenic Acid also known as Provitamin B5, is awater-soluble vitamin required to sustain life.It acts as a penetrating moisturizer. It imparts a non-irritant, non-sensitizing, moisturizing, and conditioning feel and promotes normal keratinization and woundhealing. Pantothenic acid deficiency results in possible skin irritation and loss of hair color.

Hydrolized Silk
Silk Protein Sericin binds to the keratin of skin and hair, forming a protective film. Highly moisture-binding and film-forming, it imparts a unique and highly aesthetic skin feel. Hydrolyzed Silk can be absorbed by the skin and can filter the interior of the hair, provide necessary nutrient of the hair and can repair the damaged hair. The low molecular weight of Silk Amino Acids indicates that the molecules can penetrate the cuticlein undamaged hair as well as the surface layer of the epidermis. Silk amino acids improve skin and hair with regard to feel and gloss, and have a moisturizing effect due to their water-binding properties.

Aloe vera extract
Aloe is used externally for the treatment of many skin and scalp disorders and can be applied directly to the skin as a softening agent. For burns and other wounds aloe is particularly effective as it activates the macrophages which fights bacterial infection while at the same time increasing circulation to the area which resultsin accelerated healing. The enzymes - carboxypeptidase and bradykininase are both involved to reduce swelling, itching, inflammation as well as pain. It contains not only vitamin E and C as well as Zinc but the polysaccharides also reduce irritation and stimulate the fibroblast and epidermal growth and repair process. It has good astringent qualities and is usually combined with other ingredients, to make an excellent, soothing treatments for the skin and scalp. In studies it also showed a superb anti-oxidant effect.

Mallow extract (Malva sylvestris)
A natural hydrator, its skin-softening properties make it an excellent addition to creams, lotions and preparations for dry skin and scalp. Sometimes used as a wash for tired eyes. Traditional herbal medicine continues to regard the plant as a useful anti-inflammatory agent, against skin reactions, irritations, rash. Calendula Officinalis (Marigold extract)It is used to treat minor injuries and skin problems.

Calendula isbeneficial in the treatment of nappy rash and cradle cap in babies, and sore nipples in nursing mothers. In cases of slow-healing wounds, as well as burns, it is most effective. It is ideal in for dry, dehydrated, irritated and delicate skin as the saponins and mucilage have humectant properties. Due to the presence of carotenoids in its chemical composition, it has great re-epithelizing properties – making it ideal for general healing as well as fighting the signs of aging. The presence of essential oil and salicylic acid gives it an antimicrobial and anti-oxidizing action, which results in an antiseptic action great for any infections.

Tilia vulg. (Linden – Lime extract) is used externally for itchy skin complaints. It is relaxing and toning for the venous (veins and capillary) system, while thinning the blood. The extract from the flowers of the lime tree (also known as linden tree) contains an essential oil—farnesol—similar to aloe and camomile. An emollient and soothing agent for the skin and scalp, also used in eye care formulations.

Use: On damp hair. Being concentrated, apply just a little over entire scalp and massage gently and deeply. A good hair massage is important to let the active principles penetrate.Rinse off accurately. Proceed to dry and style as usual. Formulated for frequent use.
For external use.

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ML 250 BOTTLE with disc top



Pure natural placenta extract. Through the amino acids it contains, it deeply stimulates the hair roots and brings the hair's structure back into balance. The action of the natural placenta makes your hair look healthy again and strengthens it. It actively promotes growth.


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