We are Thrilled!

Nature’s is the range of natural cosmetics by Bios Line, the Padua-based company leader in the
natural dietary supplement and organic cosmetics market.
Nature’s products stand out for their formulations based on vegetable and organic ingredients
selected worldwide after accurate research and a rigorous evaluation of the areas and soils of
These products are fully made in Italy. The company can rely on state of the art technology and
implements strict control procedures that preserve raw material purity and prevent any
possible contamination and cause of sensitisation.
SKINCARE ACQUE UNICELLULARI: a complete range of 13 skincare products for different
types of skin. Unlike most products that use distilled water, Nature's formulations use
unicellular water obtained, through reverse osmosis, from cold pressed citrus fruit harvested
at maximum ripeness. Thanks to this technology, water becomes an active ingredient, as it
maintains all the trace elements, vitamins, and essential oils contained in the plant. In
compliance with the ethical and environmental principles that inspire Nature’s, the entire
unicellular water processing cycle is performed in the place where the fruit is harvested
(Calabria, Southern Italy).
NATURE’S B(IO): an environmentally-friendly range of products, from the formulae to
packaging, certified by EcoCert. This range consists of 6 face and body care products. The
common element of all the formulae, which makes them truly unique, is the Water
obtained from Helichrysum Italico, a Mediterranean plant known for its exceptional vitality.
This water has all the refreshing, soothing, and protective properties for your skin's
wellbeing. Moreover, it contains large amounts of flavonoids, which counteract premature
skin aging.